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Control Panel

With our basic, advanced or custom hosting packages we provide a control panel provide access to all your features, and services.

To access this feature you can click on the login button on the right hand side of the website, or by visiting control.taylormadehosting.co.uk

To login you will require your domain name (for example "taylormadehosting.co.uk" without quote marks) and the password which was either emailed you posted to the address provide when the package was purchased.

To login to your control panel now click the button below.


Web Mail

To accompany you email addresses we have provide access via our website for you to view, send and organise your email.s

Once your account is active you will be able create email address form the control panel, to help you with this we have provided an easy to follow instructions which you will find in the help section.

To access you email via the web based client there is a button to the top right of the website, if your account comes with a control panel you can access it from there or you can visit webmail.taylormadehosting.co.uk

To login to your email now click the button below.


Server Status

To find out if we have any system maintaince planned which may cause your website go down temporarily or stop you from loging in to your control panel or email we have a page which will inform you if any maintaince is planned, when it planned for and how long the service should be down for if at all.

To vew this service you can iether click on the status button in the top right corner or visit status.taylormadehosting.co.uk

To check the status of the server now click the button below


Web Developments/Updates

With the development of CSS 3 we are looking forward to the new features and capabilities that will be available to us and our customers

We will be bing further updates soon. Happy New Year.

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